Pet X-Ray and Ultrasound Services in Butler, PA

We are the only animal hospital in the area that performs pet ultrasounds and are happy to take patient referrals from other practices. In addition to ultrasound, Animal Clinic of Butler provides digital X-ray imaging for faster and more accurate results. Our digital imaging technology enables us to go further with patient examinations and detect underlying issues that might otherwise go unnoticed. We typically recommend imaging procedures for pets with chronic diseases, and in situations where a physical exam and blood work yield insufficient information.

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pet digital imaging in butler, PA

Digital X-Ray

Our in-house digital X-ray machine is an excellent tool for visualizing certain areas of the body, particularly the bones, joints, heart, and lungs. Compared with old-fashioned film X-ray, digital X-ray uses significantly less radiation and allows us to process clear, high-contrast radiographs much more quickly. Your pet will spend less time on the X-ray table and therefore have a less stressful visit.

Pet Ultrasound

You won’t need to be referred out to Pittsburgh for your pet’s ultrasounds; just make an appointment with us! For veterinary referrals, our team performs the ultrasounds here in house to get a better look at the area (or areas) of interest in the pet. Then, we send the ultrasounds and results back to the referring vet, so they can share the information with the pet owner.

Ultrasounds provide a real-time visualization of the abdominal organs, heart, and blood vessels, areas in which X-ray is less capable.

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