Pet Cremations in Butler, PA

Your pet deserves attentive, tailored care at every stage of their life, and the end-of-life stage is no different. At Animal Clinic of Butler, we are honored to keep our patients healthy from youth all the way up to their senior years. When the time comes to make final decisions about your pet, our veterinary team in Butler, PA is here to support you. We provide humane cat and dog euthanasia services when all treatment options have been exhausted and take time to help you understand the process and feel confident you are making the right decision for your loved one.

If you have questions or concerns about your pet’s condition and quality of life, please call us at (724) 789-7000.

What to Expect

There are many different ways in which dogs and cats approach their final stage of life. Whether your pet is terminally ill or has simply reached their maximum number of years, our team can sit down with you to discuss their quality of life and any options that might remain to improve it.

As your veterinarian, we take your pet’s comfort and wellbeing extremely seriously. If they are suffering, we will be honest and compassionate in explaining the situation, so you have the information you need to make the best possible decision on your pet’s behalf.

If you decide to move forward with euthanasia, we’ll help you schedule an appointment. When you come in, you and your family will be ushered into a private room where you can sit with your pet. Only when you are ready will we sedate your pet and perform the euthanasia.

pet euthanasia in butler, PA
Pet Cremation

Pet Cremation

Animal Clinic of Butler partners with a local crematory for pet cremation services. This business has served the community since 1979 and offers private and communal cremation, along with personalized urns, clay paw prints, and memorials. With private cremation, your pet’s remains are kept separate from other pets.